Version 3.2 dated October 11, 2013





Ø  Student-ID number: Your exclusive 13-digit Identity number. Required to access student services on the online student  services portal. Should be quoted in all correspondence.


Ø  Registration number: Your exclusive 12-digit identity number for the Program Registered. [Registration for a new program will result in a new Registration number.] Will be used for all relevant program details and status.


Ø Website exclusively meant for students of NIIT Imperia Centre for Advanced Learning, and houses the Collaborative Learning Management System. Provides personal, academic and financial status and recorded details (and can be updated); used for communication between faculty, students & NIIT Imperia; used in the course of a program for announcements, assignments, additional reading, etc; has facilities to post queries, suggestions & feedback; contains academic resources such as additional reading, study tutorials & sample test papers; and is in all senses an expression of the info, news, views and fun of belonging to the NIIT Imperia student community!


Ø  Student Identity Card: Issued upon valid enrolment. Used to control access to facilities and services.


Ø  Payment Receipts: Issued for all payments made at NIIT Imperia (“NIIT LIMITED IMPERIA COLLECTION ACCOUNT”) and is the only valid proof of payment. The payment receipt can be printed from the Student Services  Portal by logging into your account with  the student ID and password


Ø  Your Enrolment Attributes:


v  Program name: Name of the program enrolled for.

v  Your name: Name as specified in Class XII certificate will be considered authentic. Until this is verified, please ensure that you provide your name with correct spelling.

v  Address: Your Communication Address which is submitted in the application form.. Changes to the address, Contact & email details can be directly made   by logging into the student services portal. The address will be used to send mail communication/material/certificates.

v  Admission Validity Period: The period for which admission is valid and is specified on documents as on Statute Of Limitation Date.

v  The Statute of Limitation (SOL) for any admission is defined as the normal program duration, plus three months. Teaching, examinations and results are expected to be completed in this time. Normally, the student would be entitled to no further services after the expiry of SOL.


1.     General


1.1.   Programs offered by NIIT Imperia are in partnership with premier Institutes, and the Institutes typically provide academic content, teaching, examination & assessment, and certification. As such, these Student Obligations are to be read together with the Academic Regulations and Rules of the Institutes concerned, as well as program-specific student obligations to be specified by the Institute and/or faculty from time to time.


1.2.   Students who enroll for NIIT Imperia’s programs are expected to be professionals, motivated to seek advanced learning and certification from reputed Institutes in the country. Students’ academic discipline, conduct and participative involvement are expected at a high level, appropriate for such an audience.


1.3.   It is re-iterated that the student obligations set out here are the minimum that are applicable to all programs offered by NIIT Imperia. There would be additional obligations specific to Institutes or Programs.


2.     Admission


2.1.   Admission to programs offered by NIIT Imperia is governed by specified eligibility criteria and selection norms as set by the Institutes concerned, in consultation with NIIT Imperia. While NIIT Imperia helps a prospective student with information and guidance, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she meets the eligibility conditions specified, including academic prerequisites, before making an application. A student may be unsuitable for a program for other reasons, or may not qualify for the limited seats available, even if minimum eligibility criteria are met.


2.2.   The information furnished by the candidate will be verified by both NIIT Imperia and the respective Institute. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the details provided are correct and authentic.


2.3.   Admission to a Program is not transferable.


2.4.   Before completing the enrolment process, students are required to go through and understand the contents of the program and the Student’s Obligations as stated in Application Form. A student who has registered for a program is assumed to have understood these documents.


2.5.   Admission to the program, and associated privileges, are valid only for the particular offering of the Program, and for the duration of the program.


2.6.   The Statute of Limitation (SOL) for any admission is defined as the normal program duration, plus three months. Teaching, examinations and results are expected to be completed in this time. Normally, the student would be entitled to no further services after the expiry of SOL.


2.7.   Non-adherence to norms of discipline and decorum, use of unfair means, use of abusive language, habitual late-coming or irregularity, inability to meet Student Obligations, or lack of continuing and participative interest, may lead to Cancellation of Admission. The student is not entitled to any further academic services, student privileges or financial refunds if cancellation of admission takes place.


3.     Conduct of Programs


3.1.   Programs offered by NIIT Imperia follow the pedagogy prescribed by the concerned Institute which is described in the NIIT Imperia website and in the program collaterals (brochures, detailed program content etc). Typically, all programs include assignments, web-based learning, group-work (projects and/or case studies), in addition to classroom teaching. Students are expected to give adequate importance to all components of the pedagogy, and devote requisite time to those components that are unguided or based on self-study.


3.2.   A part of the program is usually conducted at the Institute campus, through a component known as Campus Visit(CV). Scheduled campus visits are mandatory, and students are obliged to follow the academic, disciplinary and financial rules of such visits. Students need to arrange for their own travel for campus visits.

The Campus visit scheduled for the batch is mandatory. The Installment due at Campus visit is mandatory irrespective of number of days of classes attended at campus. The Material /Books for all Institute programs will typically be provided during the CV.


3.3.   Additional Study material prescribed for the program may be provided by NIIT Imperia. Lost or misplaced study material will not be replaced, as a measure to safeguard Intellectual Property.


3.4.   Attendance of students is recorded and monitored. Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance at the program. A student absent without sanction (ie, not on sanctioned break) for six consecutive contact-sessions is designated as a Dropout, and disallowed to avail further services until re-instated with satisfactory explanation.


3.5.   Students are requested to check their attendance details displayed on Student Services Portal and alert NIIT Imperia in case of any discrepancy.


3.6.   Since students across the country attend classes simultaneously, the classroom schedule will require attendance on several local holidays. Students are expected to participate on all such occasions, and for all additional sessions such as group-sessions, rescheduled classes on account of cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, extra teaching etc.


3.7.   Student Appraisal (evaluation) instruments are administered as per the schedule specified for the program. Typically, every program has two examinations (possibly conducted online), and assignments, projects, case-analysis, etc. Students are expected to participate in all the appraisal instruments in the manner specified. In exceptional circumstances, candidates not present for a formal appraisal instrument may be allowed to make-up the deficiency by re-examination or by other substitutes, based upon the regulations of the Institute concerned. However, this cannot be claimed as a right, and there will be some instruments where re-examination is not feasible. Appraisals results will be regularly displayed on the Student Services Portal.


3.8.   For most programs, students completing successfully will receive a Certificate from the concerned Institute specifying academic performance. [The certification policy for a program will be announced prior to enrolment.


3.9.   In general, the student’s continuing and participative interest in education and allied processes is essential to ensure that course objectives are met, and NIIT Imperia insists on involved participation by the student.


4.     Student Flexibilities: Transfers, Breaks


4.1.   Transfer to another location may be requested by a student, and will be permitted if academically acceptable and seats available at destination, upon payment of a Transfer Fee. Students are cautioned that transfers disrupt the learning process and are advised to seek this facility only if unavoidable. Transfers cannot be claimed as a matter of right.


4.2.   A Break is defined as sanctioned absence. Breaks are not desirable as they hamper effective learning. Students seeking a break are required to apply through the Imperia Student Services Portal in advance, which may be granted in consultation with the Institute. The Break is valid only when the candidate fulfills the procedural requirements of this facility which will be shared with the candidate when requesting for break.


5.     Student Flexibilities: Transiting Student facility


In order to facilitate students on tour/travel due to official commitments, the Transiting Student facility allows a student to attend sessions at any NIIT Imperia centre. This facility is available with prior request through the Student Services Portal .The facility will be extended, subject to availability of seats at the desired centre. The Student needs to present the ID card and transit approval to avail this facility at the transiting centre.


6.     Student Flexibilities: Classroom Session Replay on Request


Recorded classroom archives including classroom discussions can be available at specified times upon request through the student services portal. This facility is normally meant for those who have missed classes. The facility can only be requested for sessions within a time span of 15 days of the actual/live session.


7.     Fees


7.1.   Program Fees, which may be classified under different components, are required to be paid prior to commencement of the program.


7.2.   For some programs, a deferred payment facility is available, which permits the student to make payment against a specified schedule, though all fees remain due prior to program commencement.


7.3.   Deferred-payment fee installments are expected on the 1st of the month, (next working day in case 1st is a holiday), and are accepted without penalty till the 7th of the month (next working day if 7th is a holiday). Thereafter, till the 21st of the month, the payment is accepted with a late fee. A student whose fee status is not up-to-date on the 21st of a month is termed a Fee Defaulter and is automatically struck off the rolls and not allowed to avail of any further services.


7.4.   Post dated cheques are to be submitted at the time of registration for all installments due .The cheques are to be dated for the 1st of the month of collection. The Installment schedule is mentioned in the Program Offer Letter as well on the student services portal. Candidates  are to ensure that sufficient funds are available.Un-realized and dishonored cheques may result in the student becoming a Fee Defaulter


7.5.   A Fee Defaulter requires specific permission to continue studies, and must pay a re-instatement fee. Fee defaulters will not be permitted to attend sessions or attempt examinations.


7.6.   No Refund is applicable. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.


7.7.   All fees are payable by cash/local cheque/demand drafts. Outstation cheques are not accepted. All fees are payable at the NIIT Imperia Centres where the student is enrolled. However, students who are traveling can deposit the payment at any of the NIIT Imperia Centres.


7.8.   A Cheque Return Charge is payable if a cheque payment is returned, for whatever reason, and further payments are required to be made in cash. If the returned cheque was towards payment of a deferred payment instalment, the student is automatically classified as Fee Defaulter.


7.9.   All fee are non-refundable, however, if the batch start for a program is delayed or cancelled – the student can apply for a refund – and NIIT Imperia will refund the paid amount net of government taxes.

The following table gives the details of the fees payable for various services.    


Duplicate Identity Card Fee       


Late Payment Fee                                


Cheque Return Charge


Transfer Fee


Re-instatement Fee                   


Break fee





8.     Student Feedback and Grievance Redressal


NIIT Imperia actively seeks and acts upon feedback from students. In addition to formal feedback sessions, students are advised to register their feedback on the Student Services Portal. Participation in the feedback is mandatory and non-participation in feedback process may lead to implications on certification.


8.1.   Students having Grievances can address the query at the NIIT Imperia centre to the location staff and the Centre Head.


8.2.   Students should write to as their point of escalation in case queries/issues remain unresolved.


8.3.   In case of further unresolved issues, students are requested to write to “Head-Imperia – NIIT Imperia, 8 Balaji Estate, 1st Floor Minerva Building , New Delhi 110019”.


9.     Sponsored Students


9.1.   NIIT Imperia will try to meet requests from employer-sponsors for reports on attendance and attainment for nominated employees. Sponsored students should note that these Student Obligations and Institute regulations are applicable to them without any relaxation.


10.  Communication


10.1.Students are required to access the Student Services Portal and the Student Notice Board regularly. Not accessing the information in time may result in student missing out on important communication like Institute communication, education delivery procedures and assessment dates.


10.2.NIIT Imperia reserves the right to change these Student Obligations, from time to time. In such cases, a copy of these changes will be made available on Student Services Portal.


10.3.Students are expected to maintain a formal and professional manner of communication with NIIT Imperia and the Institute partners. Use of abusive or threatening language, or any form of sexual harassment of other students or staff, is not expected of a mature audience and may result in cancellation of admission.


10.4.NIIT or any of its employees, officers, authorized agencies and representatives is hereby authorized to call or send messages / emails to me for any matter related to the course, even though my mobile number is registered with NDNC registry. 



11.  Discipline & Decorum


11.1.All NIIT Imperia Centers are non-smoking zones.


11.2.All students are required to maintain their cell phones in silent mode inside the premises. In general, students must ensure that they maintain the decorum of the institution and do not disturb others.


11.3.Laptops and/or CDs/Flash Drives are not permitted inside the classrooms or laboratories.


11.4. Any student who is found using unfair means during examinations and assessments, by indulging in activities like copying, discussion, using technology instruments or paper or other means to cheat, will be debarred from further continuation of the program.


11.5.Students are expected to handle all equipment provided to them (desktop, headset, webcam) with care. Negligent use will be penalized and all repairs charged for.


11.6.Non-adherence to norms of discipline and decorum, use of unfair means, use of abusive language,  habitual late-coming or irregularity, inability to meet Student Obligations, or lack of continuing and participative interest, may lead to Cancellation of Admission. In such cases, the student will not be eligible for any refund.


12.  Transfer of center initiated by Imperia


12.1.The candidates are to attend sessions from the registered location. In extreme cases, NIIT Imperia may transfer the students to another location in the same city in case the original center does not offer the program or becomes non-operational. In case the student does not find it convenient to continue the program in the newly allotted location, the student can apply for refund of the fees for the unserviced part of the program enrolled for.





Student Obligation (Version 3.2) Acceptance Declaration


I understand and accept the above Student Obligations, terms and conditions.

I also understand that in case of Institute programs, their rules and regulations will be in addition to the above.